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Summary Overview
Posted by Z8Games on 08 March 2019 03:53 PM
  1. What? CrossFire EU and CrossFire NA are merging together to form CrossFire West
  2. Why? To unite Europe users who are playing in both versions, bigger community, bigger events, should we keep going?
  3. When? You can start migrating your Gamerage account to Z8Games now, once migrated you will be able to start playing immediately on the new CrossFire West client (Previously CFNA) with your account and items you had on CFEU
  4. Who? Only users who have a character on CFEU can migrate their accounts. . If you have a GameRage account but don't have a CFEU character, simply create a new account on Z8Games to play CF.
  5. How?
  • Go to Gamerage website, login to your account and start the migration process
  • During the migration you will be asked to input new account information. You might need to use a different email address/IGN/User ID if they already exist on Z8Games. Note down your new information somewhere safe in case you forgot them
  • While your account is being migrated, download CF West client from this Download Page
  • Join the CF West Discord channel to connect with your old friends and make new ones
  • Once your account is fully migrated, Voilà, you can play CrossFire again.