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I am receiving a message that says “This service is not available in your region”!
Posted by Z8Games on 12 January 2017 12:39 PM

Due to licensing issues, users from the red part of the map below will not be allowed to play on CrossFire North America servers.

IP restrictions are in effect for the Z8Games version of Cross Fire since August 3rd, 2011. The ability to play with new accounts from areas outside of the green regions on the map below are now disabled. All pre-existing accounts (so long as the character was created on the account prior to August 3rd, 2011) remain unaffected by this change.

You may continue to register accounts on Z8Games but you will not be able to access Cross Fire game servers with those new accounts if your IP location is in the red areas on the following map.

IP Restrictions


If you are receiving this message and you do not reside in the regions marked in red, you might be receiving this error due to using a VPN or a software that changes your IP address.

Quick FAQ for some early questions.

Q: If I am from Europe (or any region in red) can I still play Cross Fire NA/UK?
A: Yes as long as your CrossFire character was made on or before August 3rd, 2011 you should be fine to play.

Q: If my account was made before August 3rd but I never logged in to the game with it, will I still be able to play?
A: No, while your account was still made before the 3rd, you would have had to log in to the game to physically register the account with the game. Therefore if no character was created on the account it will not be able to access the servers regardless of the day it was created on.

Q: Will I be able to make a new account if I am from Europe?
A: You can make a Z8Games account, however access to the server from IP's in the red areas above will be denied.