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FAQ : Dragon Nest

No. You will have to use "Eye Cash", which is Eyedentity's equivalence to our ZP.
Since Dragon Nest is being published by Eyedentity, please click here [https://us.dragonnest.com/support/request] for any game-related inquiries.
No. The game is being published by Eyedentity and what we have here is a limited channeling partnership with them.
It means that Dragon Nest would be visible on our Z8Games website and that our users will be able to seamlessly log in and play the game on Eyedentity's page using their current Z8Games accounts without having to create new ones.
Dragon Nest [http://www.z8games.com/partner/dragonnest.html] is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Eyedentity.