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Something is wrong with my keybindings. Shift and Spacebar (Jump) are not working proper. What can I do?
Posted by Z8Games on 30 November 2015 05:24 PM

Here are the probable causes:

  1. Controls remapped to other keys
  2. Incompatible input language

If you use multiple input languages e.g. (Japanese IME/Chinese IME) or changed to another input language that is not "English (United States)" under windows input languages, CrossFire may not properly detect what keys you are pressing.

  • First option is to go into CF options and remap the problematic keys so that the game can recognize the change. Remapped jump and it changed from "Space" to "ESPACE" when using another input language.
  • Second option is to change your input keyboard when you play CF (Alt+Shift) to "English (United States)". To remove unwanted input keyboards, right click the two capitalized letters on the right of the taskbar and go to settings. If that is not there, open up Region and Language>Keyboards and Languages>Change Keyboards.... There you can modify which input languages are used by Windows. Remove everything you don't use except "English (United States). After that is done, remap your CF keyboard controls.