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Ribbons overview 2.0
Posted by Z8Games on 09 December 2015 05:19 PM
  Name Class Description Reward
Creationism Ribbon Creationism N You obtain it when you first create a character.  
ZP Soldier Ribbon ZP Soldier N You have bought ZP through one of the various deposit options available.  
Survey Says Ribbon Survey Says N You have earned ZP through a survey.  
Veteran Soldier Ribbon Veteran Soldier N Your CrossFire character is 1 year old.  
Bow To My 1337ness Ribbon Bow To My Leetness N You have received the Elite Grade B or higher in-game badge.  
Look at all my Ribbons Ribbon Look at all my Ribbons N You have collected 10 or more ribbons. 5,000 GP
Grenadier Ribbon Grenadier N You own all 3 of the basic grenades.  
Christmas Comes but Once a Year Ribbon Christmas Comes but Once a Year N You own a permanent Christmas weapon.  
Crate Buster Ribbon Crate Buster N You own 6 different permanent crate guns (includes both GP and ZP crates).  
Creationism Ribbon Gun Hobbyist N You currently own more than 15 permanent weapons (starting weapons don't count).  
Gun Collector Ribbon Gun Collector N You currently own more than 25 permanent weapons. (starting weapons don't count).  
Ain't No Party Like an SPOP Party Ribbon Ain't No Party Like an SPOP Party N You own the SPOP character permanently.  
You're No Tom Berenger Ribbon You're No Tom Berenger N You have achieved 5,000 headshots.  
Remember the Good Ole Days Ribbon Remember the Good Ole Days N You own a Thompson, Winchester and the Winchester Scope.  
Crossfire is my Life Ribbon Crossfire is my Life N You have played in at least 5,000 matches.  
Honourable Soldier Ribbon Honorable Soldier N You've never been banned in-game for any reason (accounts under investigation included).  
ZP For Everyone Ribbon ZP For Everyone N You have gifted ZP or received ZP from another account through prepaid card option.  
My Ribbons are made of Crystals Ribbon My Ribbons are made of Crystals N You have collected 20 or more ribbons. M4 Custom Crystal
Clutch Killer Ribbon Clutch Killer N Your Kill/Death Ratio is above 2.0 (Dropping below 2.0 or K/D resets will remove it).   
Army of One Ribbon Army of One N You have achieved more than 100,000 kills (resetting your kills / deaths will remove it).  
Lead the Invasion Ribbon Lead the Invasion N You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the mutants side has won.  
Seal Team Member Ribbon Seal Team Member N You own the Navy SEALs character with the M14 EBR and the MK.23 Socom.  
Like a Bawss Ribbon Like a Bawss N You have killed over 1000 Zombie Mode bosses on normal or higher difficulty.  
Revival of the Fittest Ribbon Revival of the Fittest N You have purchased over 1000 Revive Tokens (tokens from events and promos count).  
Xenophobe Ribbon Xenophobe N You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the soldiers side has won.  
Clan Survivalist Ribbon Clan Survivalist N You have survived 4+ rounds or more in 250 different clan matches.  
Credit to the Clan Ribbon Credit to the Clan N You have killed at least 10 or more soldiers in 250 different clan matches.  
I Have More Ribbons Than You Ribbon I Have More Ribbons Than You N You have collected 30 or more ribbons. 10,000 GP
My Ribbons Breathe Fire Ribbon My Ribbons Breathe Fire N You have collected 40 or more ribbons. Field Shovel Red Dragon (720 days)
War Machine Ribbon War Machine N You have killed the War Monger Zombie Mode boss 100 times on normal difficulty.  
Grizzled Veteran Ribbon Grizzled Veteran N You obtain this ribbon when your CrossFire Character is 2 years old.  
Real Men Wear Pink Ribbon Real Men Wear Pink N You own 3 different pink permanent weapons.  
Big Game Hunter Ribbon Big Game Hunter N You own 5 different permanent Shotguns.  
Head of the Class Ribbon Head of the Class N You upgrade any Wave Mode class card to its maximum level (Level 10).  
Tsunami Ribbon Tsunami N You win 1,000 Wave Mode games.  
Arms of Fire Ribbon Arms of Fire N You own 5 permanent and unique HellFire, Flame, Magma or Phoenix weapons.  
5 year Veteran Ribbon 5 Year Veteran N Your CrossFire character is older than 5 years.  
FB Friends Ribbon FB Friends S You obtain this ribbon by linking your Facebook account through CrossFire's fan page. (discontinued) USP handgun
Which Side are You On Ribbon Which Side are You On S You have either joined the Global Risk or the Black List side for the Rival Factions event. (discontinued)  
Sniper Week Ribbon Sniper Week S You earned the rewards during Sniper week.  
Exterminator Ribbon Exterminator S You have successfully completed all of the Hero Mode X update weekend events.  
Merry Christmas Ribbon Merry Christmas S You logged in the game for the CrossFire Christmas Week from December 24-26 2010. M4A1-Xmas 7days
Crossfire Film 2011 Ribbon Crossfire Film 2011 S You have won a "Best of" category in the Cross Fire Film Awards in 2011. M4A1 Gold Tiger 
I <3 CrossFire Ribbon I <3 CrossFire S You logged in to play CrossFire on Valentine's Day 2011.  
A Hero Emerges Ribbon A Hero Emerges S You achieved the daily event tasks during the Hero Mode Patch opening weekend.  
Crossfire Iron Man Ribbon Crossfire Iron Man S You are an Iron Man! You have played 50+ hours of CrossFire in the month of March 2011.  
Pistol Week Ribbon Pistol Week S You completed any 3 of the Daily events during Handgun Week.  
Show Down Sheriff Ribbon Show Down Sheriff S You have collected at least 5 of the wanted posters during the May 2011 Update.  
Operation Triton Ribbon Operation Triton S You completed all the event challenges from the Navy SEAL June 2011 Update.  
Costume Contest Ribbon Costume Contest S You received first place in the Halloween Costume Contest that was held in 2011. Gatling Gun Halloween 
Silent Soldier Ribbon Silent Soldier S You have played 30 or more hours in Ghost Mode during "March of the Ghost" in 2012.  
CrossFire Film 2012 Ribbon CrossFire Film 2012 S You have been rewarded the "Best of" category in CrossFire Film Awards 2012.  
Conquistador Ribbon Conquistador S You have completed the July 2012 patch events. 7 days M66 Handgun | 30 days Spain Namecard
CrossFire Summer Games 2012 Ribbon CrossFire Summer Games 2012 S You participated in the Gold Medal Effort during the Cross Fire Summer Games 2012.  
Nightfall Ribbon Nightfall S You have contributed 25 or more kills during the 100,000,000 kills challenge.  
Theatre of War Ribbon Theatre of War S You have participated in the November 2012 patch event.  
Harvest Crossfire Ribbon Harvest Crossfire S You have logged in for all 7 days during the Harvest Cross Fire 2012 event  
Ghost Mode Gauntlet Ribbon Ghost Mode Gauntlet S You made 1000 kills and play 1000 Minutes in Ghost Mode games in March 2013.  
Operation Mayhem Ribbon Operation Mayhem S You've completed all of the events during the operation 'May'-hem event.  
The Mayhem Begins Ribbon The Mayhem Begins S You made 5000 kills between May 1-31 during the "Mayhem Begins" event in May 2013.  
Christmas in July Ribbon Christmas in July S You won one of the Christmas items between July 18 - 31st 2013 or  July 31 - Aug 13 2014.  
Shotgun Week Ribbon Shotgun Week S You completed all shotgun week challenges.  
Zombie Week Ribbon Zombie Week S You've completed all of the daily events and achieved over 1000 zombies kills.  
Luck of the Irish Ribbon Luck of the Irish S You've won any permanent weapon from the Black Market on March 17th, 2014.  
Film Festival Ribbon Film Festival S You have been rewarded the 'best of' category in Cross Fire Film Festival in 2014. M4A1 Gold Tiger 
Devastated City Ribbon Devastated City S You've completed all of the Devastated City events in July 2014.  
Scavenger Hunt Ribbon Scavenger Hunt S You completed all tasks from the Back 2 School Scavenger Hunt 2014.  
CrossFire 2.0 Ribbon CrossFire 2.0 S You successfully completed the Evolution 2.0 event.