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How do I download and install CrossFire?
Posted by Z8Games on 12 January 2017 12:37 PM

You can download CrossFire by clicking on the download button on this page

After you download the installer, run the installer and the installation wizard will guide you through the process.


Here is a detailed guide of the installation process:

Step 1: Go to the Download page. Press the Download button to begin downloading the client.

Step 2: If a download pop-up appears, depending on your Internet Browser click on Run to run the program from your temporary system cache or click Save if you would like to keep the install file for later use. The client will then begin to download.

Step 3a: Once the download is complete, the program will begin to install.
If you clicked Save on step 2 then you will need to double click on the Cross Fire installer icon located in the directory that you saved it in.

Step 3b: If you are using Vista, a security message may popup asking you to not run the program if you do not know where it is from. Click Allow to continue the installation. Depending on your Windows version and your Firewall or Antivirus program you might get a message asking to confirm the application as safe.


Step 4: The installer window will pop up. Confirm the folder destination where the CrossFire installer file will be located or choose your own folder. Click on Next to continue.

Step 5: Once the download is completed, click Open to continue.

Step 6: The installation window will pop up. Click Next to continue.

Step 7: After reading and agreeing to the license, you can press Next to continue.

Step 8: Confirm the folder destination where the game CrossFire will be installed or choose your own folder. Click on Next to continue.

Step 9: Select where the Start Menu shortcut folder for Cross Fire will be created. Click on Next to continue.

Step 10: Choose Desktop icon/Quick Launch icon if you want to have those shortcuts on your system. Click on Next to continue.

Step 11: Confirm that everything is OK and press Install to start the installation.

Step 12: Installation processing, please wait. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Step 13: Once the installation has completed, press Finish to close installation window.

Step 14: You can launch the game from the various launch icons you can choose to place on your desktop or start menu.